Welcome to Apakoh.dk

Apakoh.dk develops games, web applications and other projects. This blog has been installed to provide updates on those projects.

Currently the only released projects are Plan T from Outer Space, an arcade-style game developed in Java and released in 2011, and ctodo, a simple ncurses-based task list editor developed in C and released in 2012. Aside from those two, I've also got many unfinished projects lying around.

One project I'm working on is the content-management system powering this blog. The frontend is mostly done, while the backend still needs a lot of work. The CMS is built on top of another one of my unfinished projects, an MVC-based web application framework. Both projects are still buggy and lacking features, so I won't give an ETA on their release just yet.

I will try to update this blog in the future, when projects are released or updated.