Not dead

It's been a while since I last wrote something here, and since I'm not dead and have in fact been working on some projects, I thought I would post an update.

At the beginning of the year I wrote a small jQuery plugin called jqCandlestick for displaying candlestick charts using an HTML5 canvas. I don't really intend on updating it or anything, but it's on Github, so feel free to fork it.

In February I released a web application called Agendl.com, which is sort of a web-based version of ctodo. Currently it allows you to manage multiple lists of tasks as well as setting due dates for tasks. It is still under development, and I have a lot of features planned.

Since then I've mostly been working on my CMS/web application framework. I also had to disable comments on this blog after getting a lot of spam (more than 3000 spam comments) since my CMS at the moment doesn't include any kind of spam prevention.


Welcome to Apakoh.dk

Apakoh.dk develops games, web applications and other projects. This blog has been installed to provide updates on those projects.

Currently the only released projects are Plan T from Outer Space, an arcade-style game developed in Java and released in 2011, and ctodo, a simple ncurses-based task list editor developed in C and released in 2012. Aside from those two, I've also got many unfinished projects lying around.

One project I'm working on is the content-management system powering this blog. The frontend is mostly done, while the backend still needs a lot of work. The CMS is built on top of another one of my unfinished projects, an MVC-based web application framework. Both projects are still buggy and lacking features, so I won't give an ETA on their release just yet.

I will try to update this blog in the future, when projects are released or updated.